compact and light without compromise

 ultra-lightweight composition at only 5.5kg(12.1lbs)

so handy

from groceries to your cellphone, wallet 

and glasses. the handy basket is ideal for your daily activities and keeping your essentials at hand. 

it comes closed completely to keep your belongs safe and it expands to hold groceries.

mix&match and make your day easy

 Our range of accessories also make it easy for you to make the nip-glide work for you, from food tray, cane holder to full seat for your day.


self-stand design, folding and storing balance is hassle-free and compact folded size is perfect for the small car boot

stress-free storage

self-stand design, folding easy and storing is hassle free.

Its compact folding size is perfect for travelling with

One for All

Let's go out

Escape big front wheels make easy

walk through on the bumpy road. 

Try all accessories designed for nip-glide

for your outing 


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